What is Quality in Health Care ?

We argue about health care……rationing, Obamacare, socialism – creeping or otherwise – the “market”, personal responsibility, and so forth.

But there are ways to have a discussion about what we want for ourselves and – more importantly – for those we love.

So I propose we start a discussion as to the nature of quality healthcare.  If we can identify what makes delivered healthcare high quality, we can then discuss how to provide it.

Interested ?  If so please comment below.  I will respond.

I encourage disagreement.

Here is my first comment:

High quality health care has several characteristics:

1. It minimizes unwanted variation;

2. It involves patients and their families;

3. It is evidence based / best practice driven;

4. Preventable complications are driven out of the system.

Comments ?


1. Gentle Readers – A brief editorial written by colleagues and me related to the abuse of the Commons by unbridled capitalism.

Yes, we live in a capitalist country, but without proper regulation “..the weak become the meat that the strong will eat…”. And this means all of us.  All.

This is NOT Quality.


The Tragedy of the Commons – Drug Shortages and Our Patients’ Health




Coming soon……….The Republican Plan to Repeal the ACA — Be Very Afraid

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