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Repeal of the Affordable Care Act: The Issue Is Not Cost

“Those who need care most often get care least. And even when the poor do get service, it is often second rate…This situation will be corrected only when the poor have sufficient purchasing power to enter the medical marketplace on … Continue reading

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Repealing the Affordable Care Act – Be Afraid

Gentle Readers – this was published this morning in the Daily Item, the paper for this area of Pennsylvania. I grant that it is not measured and without passion. But then, if you have read anything I have written, you … Continue reading

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The Sick and the Poor – Trump’s First Victims

Gentle Reader – About 20 million of you, who were helped by President Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Car Act (ObamaCare, The ACA) are about to be thrown to the wolves by an Administration – the Trump Administration – that … Continue reading

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The Trump Tax Plan: Greed Like You’ve Never Seen Before, or “Analysis of Trump’s Tax Plan Shows Big Cuts in Taxes, Federal Revenue”

Gentle Reader – Let us now say goodbye to what we thought we knew about how our Government worked. Infrastructure spending – goodby. Health care (ACA, Medicare, Medicaid) – adios. Educational assistance – adieu. The rich will make out like … Continue reading

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The Drums of War

Gentle Reader – This is frightening enough, yet not written to frighten. Rather to steel one’s mind as to the work we have to do to salvage our world from the likes of Trump, Erdogan, Putin, Dutarte, al Asad, Netanyahu, … Continue reading

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You’ve Got to Be Kidding – A Parody

Gentle Reader – Sometimes laughter is the best way to make the pain and sorrow abate, if only for a short time. This really is Hilaryous. (Sorry !) ————————————————— Hillary Clinton [parody] 45th President of the United States, patriarchy smasher, … Continue reading

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Mental Health and the Affordable Care Act – Not So Fast !

There was some welcome news on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) front reported on Friday (November 8, 2013, New York Times).  On the front page of the Newspaper of Record, a bold headline stating: “Rules to Require Equal Coverage for … Continue reading

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